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Economic damages are monetary compensation that is awarded by a court in a civil or commercial action to an individual or business that has been injured through the wrongful conduct of another. Civil litigation involving damages to individuals includes personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, punitive damages and employment actions. Civil litigation involving businesses (commercial) includes lost profits, lost opportunities, breach of contract, insurance claims and intellectual property.

When faced with an allegation of fraud, embezzlement or management impropriety, it is critical for any company to address these issues. Given our vast experience in conducting large complex white collar investigations, we assist our clients by offering a solutions-based approach, which obtains the desired results in a timely and efficient manner. Our investigations are designed to ensure that the critical issues facing our clients are quickly identified and addressed, ensuring that relevant evidence is examined, analyzed and interpreted in a clear and understandable manner. Upon completion of our investigation, we will present our results to the Board of Directors, Audit Committees, outside counsel and federal and state investigative and regulatory agencies. We also provide expert testimony in all legal proceedings.

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Michael Aquino, CPA
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Philadelphia, PA, USA

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