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Acquisitive strategic buyers (Corporations), Mezzanine lenders and Private Equity Companies want to make the right acquisition for the right price. That's why the buy-side due diligence process is so important. CBIZ’s Transaction Advisory Services group utilizes a rigorous due diligence methodology involving analyzing and validating financial, operational and strategic aspects of the deal, making it easier for Buyers to structure and negotiate a favorable deal. CBIZ’s Transaction Advisory Services group’s buy-side due diligence services reveal risks and opportunities so Buyers can make an informed decision about how and whether to proceed.

Additionally, Sell-side due diligence could increase your buyer's trust level and willingness to pay top dollar. But your staff may not have enough time or experience to identify and explore potential issues. And, they may not know how those issues could affect the deal's outcome. An investment in professional pre-sale due diligence will produce accurate financial information for your buyer and also address operational, technology and human resource issues that could be the difference between a successful sale and a long, potentially contentious transaction process. This is particularly true today, where due diligence efforts have intensified and buyer-identified issues can place a seller in a defensive negotiating position on price and transaction terms.

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Michael Aquino, CPA
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Philadelphia, PA, USA

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