The Financial Executives Consulting Group, LLC

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Recruitment of Chief Financial Officers & Controllers for middle market companies.
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In today's wired world, time is of the essence with frequent changes in organizational structure and shifts in business goals becoming the norm. In this type of environment organizations must respond quickly with new initiatives or risk losing their competitive edge.

The unrelenting pressure on the financial staff to respond often brings into sharp focus the twin issues of headcount and expertise; it is no longer efficient for a company to maintain in-house experts on every facet of the company's financial operations, yet resolving the "crisis du jour" usually requires the financial functions to acquire additional or different skills than in the past.

Founded in 1999, The Financial Executives Consulting Group, LLC was created for just these types of situations. We can draw on an international network of over 35,000 highly experienced senior financial professionals to assist companies acquire or divest business units, manage their liquidity, control the risks associated with today’s financial markets, and provide financial and accounting expertise
as needed.

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Matthew Bud
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Weston, CT USA

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