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MoneySoft publishes DealSense software for the M&A and Business Valuation communities.
DealSense gives dealmakers a complete financial analysis tool made specifically for the M&A transaction process. DealSense provides wall-to-wall analysis in one system that integrates financial benchmarking, valuation/pricing, deal structuring, financial projections, Free Cash Flow/ROI analysis, consolidated financials, accretive/dilutive analysis and report writing. DealSense automates the report preparation process and creates several different reports including CIMs/Pitchbooks, Teasers, Valuations and others.
DealSense also includes MoneySoft Business Valuation Specialist for advisors who also need to create defensible valuations for tax, litigation support or planning purposes. Get more info and schedule a live demo here:

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Matthew Shipley
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Phoenix, AZ, USA

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