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We are advisors to closely held family and investor-owned businesses in the manufacturing, technology, real estate, and healthcare spaces. V&R engagements generally last a year or more and are focused on performance improvement, building stronger partnerships and often a recapitalization, for both divestiture and acquisition. We also work with large, often national, not-for-profits as advisors on their M&A, integrations, and sustainability.

Mike Roth is a Founder and Managing Partner of V&R, a management consulting and M&A advisory firm based in Michigan. Mike Roth, Jeff Vlasic, and their now 7 partners have developed a successful M&A Advisory practice that focuses on advising multigenerational and diversely-owned businesses in the healthcare, technology, property and manufacturing spaces through the complicated growth, marketing, sale and earn out phases of a majority sale or "recap."

Mike favors challenging situations, where leadership or ownership has differing interests and post-sale plans, where a key advisor (often a CPA, FA or attorney) is interested in staying involved through the M&A process, and/or where simply auctioning to the highest bidder and discarding a legacy are not the ideal outcomes. Sell-side focused, and buy-side friendly, the V&R team seeks true partnerships and permanent, not transactional, relationships.

“A CEO-client said it best ‘I trust V&R. They stand behind our people, deliver sustainable solutions, never take credit, and always offer accountability.’ and I couldn’t say it better myself.” -Mike

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Michael Roth, Managing Partner
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Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States

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